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 Buying and Selling, Auction and Market, entropia auction, entropia universe market, entropia auction guide

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PostSubject: Buying and Selling, Auction and Market, entropia auction, entropia universe market, entropia auction guide   Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:37 am

The buying and selling of items can be a confusing subject in entropia so i have made this post to discuss the market place and the buying/selling of items. As a miner or hunter or crafter you mine, hunt, and craft for resources and those resources have a market value or "mark up". They also have a trade terminal value or the "TT" value. You take the items tt value and increase it by the market value to get its true ped value. You can use a online percent calculator to do this with ease. For example, if you find a claim worth 100 ped tt value and the items market value is 110% the items value is 110 ped. You can click on a item and check its daily, weekly, month and yearly sales to see its market value. Most trades are based off the week market value but a player may sell the items at whatever price they wish.

The best way to sell your items is on the auction house. It has a built in percentage calculator and you can check what your item is selling for by looking up the name of your item on the auction house first before you list it for sale. When you sell your items and do not feel like waiting on the auction house for them to sell you can selll them to a trader or reseller but you want to be sure your selling them for at least within -2% to -4% of the current market value. Many of the traders will try to offer you way less.

Its is up to you if you want to sell the items for that price. You will have better luck selling your items to crafters because they pay market value or more most times, but if you find a good trader who offfers close to market value or market value you could sell to them as well. You can right-click on a item to check this market value and the item info. Most items will have day, week, month, year, and decade market value information when you right-click on the market value of the item . You can sell items in entropia many different ways.

There is the auction, player to players sales, and shops at malls etc.etc
For the most part you will want to sell your items on the auction  7 day bid and include the price of the auction fee in your sale %. this will bring it a little above market value but if you wait long enough it will sell and some times faster than others depending on the item, and stack size. Over time you will learn how to stack the items the best for faster sales. If you want to attract customers to your item you can place the item at low bid high buyout but then risk the item being sold for less ped or a bidding war will start and it will sell for the buyout price. If you have money you want to invest, owning your own shop in a good location is not a bad idea.

There are many traders in entropia that seek to gain profit by buying items for less and reselling for more. Then they play the game with the profit peds. For the most part we don't sell to them unless they are part of our society, or they are giving desired market value ( many of them do not and try to rip people off.  Evil or Very Mad ) Sell to auction or crafter for better market values.

Unless its something small with bad mark up then i might sell the item to some random trader if i wanted some quick ped and their price was not too low. Also it is important to keep in mind that a item can be sold for what ever you think the value is. The current market values for items are just a guide line. If a item has good tier rates and stats it will be worth more so price your items accordingly. Always calculate your items market value worth before trading to know you are not getting a bad deal. That is why the auction plus miner to crafter sales are encouraged, so that you get the most ped possible for your trades and sales.

If you have any questions about how to go about selling a item or you hof big and dont know how to maximize your profit please contact me at minerseliteforum@yahoo.com or private message me in-game

i hope this helps everyone,
gl and may the hof be with you all
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Buying and Selling, Auction and Market, entropia auction, entropia universe market, entropia auction guide
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