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 Something for the new Pledges

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Something for the new Pledges Empty
PostSubject: Something for the new Pledges   Something for the new Pledges Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2016 5:31 am

alien Heya my Comrades, bounce

Want to know how you all will feel, with me creating somewhat of a Society event for the "Newbies" in the soc, old comrades welcome as well.

Basically they have to sweat 10k sweat atleast hands down.

When enough want to participate, we can buy it at a rate of 1.8-2 p/k .

But i wont give them PED, the value will be used towards a low end weapon, most likely TT rifle and some ammo.

Which is then used for a nice SOC hunt on a low level mob. I will provide heli transport for everyone, if it gets too much i might ask for a volunteer to help. Only the weapon i provide may be used, mobs that the hunt lead chooses etc.

Damage loot shared of course and item value distributed evenly, If there is a global.

While i would like to do this,  Billy and a few know i am not the richest tool in the shed.

So if you guys agree, would you be willing to donate some PED, in exchange for the sweat ofcourse. Once i buy it off our new players, ill than make sure to give you your sweat in return.

Just let me know what you all think and at what value we should buy the sweat at. jocolor
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Something for the new Pledges
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