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 Learning the planets, entropia universe planets, planets in entropia universe 2015, entropia planets

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Learning the planets, entropia universe planets, planets in entropia universe 2015, entropia planets Empty
PostSubject: Learning the planets, entropia universe planets, planets in entropia universe 2015, entropia planets   Learning the planets, entropia universe planets, planets in entropia universe 2015, entropia planets Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2012 1:34 am

As of 8/14/2014 there are 6 planets in the entropia universe.
Arkadia, Calypso, Cyrene, Rocktropia, Toulan, and Next Island.
They each have a different theme and feel and are unique in just about every way. The most colonized of the 6 is Calypso, my home planet. Many guides and players suggest starting there because it is easy to find people to make trades and get the items you are looking for vs. the unpopulated planets which have less players, so its harder to make trades and find items or get help with quest. See link for more planet info http://www.entropiauniverse.com/entropia-universe/the-planets/

Calypso is my favorite planet next to planet arkadia and has many things to offer like malls, shops, cool mobs to hunt, great mining areas, great scenery and good economy. These elements make it a great place to start your journey. Twin peaks is the trade center of the planet (many say the trade center of the game) and you can find many players there buying and selling items. Port Atlantis is a big city there as well with many quest giver N.P.C.'s and things to see and do. Plus FOMA is right outside calypso in space and is a popular place to mine for big claims.

I started on calypso and then I moved to Rocktropia for a while. I made some cool friends there on rocktropia and got 5th in the E.U. mining competition there in 2011 but ended up having differences with John NeverDie and the pirates constantly attacking around his planet, and I did not care for his stance on the issue so I left RT and checked out the rest of the universe and I eventually came to find a new home at planet Arkadia.

Its a great planet and there is a decent population that seems to be building well. I cant wait to finish up all the new instances there, plus its a great place to practice your professions. I still go back and forth to different planets and do spend a lot of time on Calypso but Planet Arkadia is my favorite planet for mining and the hunting there is great as well.

Cyrene is just starting to come around and has some cool items and missions to explore. I like what i am seeing from the planet now. I will explore it more later.

Toulan is a new and very cool planet with a fresh design and awesome feel. Great story line and great items await the players who travel there. From my short time there I would say its going to be a big hit in the universe.

As a new player in 2009 I started learning about the professions in Entropia. See this link for more info http://www.entropiadirectory.com/wiki/Entropia_Jobs I found mining to be my first profession of choice, hunting the second and crafting the third. Later on I found that using these 3 professions together was the best way to maximize my profits.

Most players choose hunting and claim they have a better return but that is about how you want to play. Some do trading all day for profits to play but that is not my style. I would also say you should invest money into your avatar and support the creators and community of this awesome universe. When you slowly work on hunting, mining, and crafting you will gain almost all the skills not just one professions skills and the bonus skills related to that one profession, and your avatar will be more rounded when it comes to skill levels.

When you gain skill in a profession you gain skills from other areas as well. When you do mining, hunting, and crafting you gain a broad group of skill bonuses. These will come in handy when your doing anything in the future and not to mention these skill are worth money if you choose to sell them when your done playing. If you don't have that much ped you can always just focus on one profession and that is just fine too.

Its all up to the player and how he/she wants to play. I am just helping with some of the information I have gathered over the years.  I have retained all my mining information from these planets so if you have any questions please contact me in-game or via email at minerseliteforum@yahoo.com

Also you should do all the missions you can find. Do as many as you can and complete the ones that have the best bonus. Choose all the ones that are easy for you to accomplish.Then later try the hard ones when you have the proper skill, items, and armor.  You will need a team for some things Smile

I hope this helps you better understand some things about the planets and the universe  cheers

Feel free to post your planet experience and information here as well  bounce
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Learning the planets, entropia universe planets, planets in entropia universe 2015, entropia planets
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