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 Hell mining Charts

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Hell mining Charts Empty
PostSubject: Hell mining Charts   Hell mining Charts Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 10:12 pm

found on planetcalypso forum (from Erkle dilly Dillyston), and i just added my personal finds on it Wink Enjoy ! Btw i think hell is better for enmaters than FOMA , lots of good MU there like typo, alice, devil tails etc Smile

Mine #1

Ore: Alternative, Caldorite, Lysterium, Narcanisum
Enmatter: Ferrum, Hurricane, Magerian, Oil, Sweetstuff

Mine #2

Ore: Belkar, Gazzurdite, Megan, Zinc
Enmatter: Alicenies, Melchi, Typonolic, devil tails

Mine #3

Ore: Blausariam, Copper, Folk, Gazzurdite
Enmatter: Acid, Azur, Growth, Sweetstuff

Mine #4 (L72 Thammuz's Legionaire, L74 Baal's Legionaire)

Ore: Caldorite, Narcansium, Glam, Ignisium, Iron
Enmatter: Binary, Garcen, Oil, Sweetstuff, Nexus

Mine #5 (L40 Horny Little Devil)

Ore: Durulium, Megan, Zinc
Enmatter: Garcen, Lytairian, Melchi, Sweetstuff

Mine #6

Ore: Adomasite, Copper, Gazzurdite
Enmatter: Alicenies, Melchi, Oil

Mine #7

Ore: Gold, Ignisium, Iron
Enmatter: Growth, Magerian, Melchi, Oil

Mine #8

Ore: Caldorite, Durulium, Terrudite
Enmatter: Binary, Lytarian, Nexus, Sweetstuff

Mine #9 (L60 Belphegor's Legionaire, L63 Lucifer's Legionaire, L66 Berith's Legionaire, L68 Beelzebub's Leginoaire)

Ore: Adomasite, Lysterium, Megan
Enmatter: Alicenies, Melchi, Sweetstuff

Mine #10 (L105 Demon Virus)

Ore: Belkar, Gazzurdite
Enmatter: Nexus, Sweetstuff

Mine #11

Ore: Alternative, Blausarium, Ignisium, Terrudite
Enmatter: Binary, Nexus, Oil, Typonolic

Mine #12

Ore: Durulium, Erionite, Narcanisum
Enmatter: Ares, Azur, Melchi, Oil

Mine #13

Ore: Adomasite, Folk, Iolite, Zinc
Enmatter: Devil's Tail, Ferrum, Hurricane,devils tails

Mine #14 (L44 Belial's Legionaire, L51 Leviathan's Legionaire, L58 Satan's Legionaire)

Ore: Copper, Glam, Gold, Lysterium
Enmatter: Alicenies, Hurricane, Magerian, Melchi

Mine #15 (L74 Cyber Demon)

Ore: Belkar, Iron, Reggea
Enmatter: Acid, Ares, Azur, Oil

Mine #16

Ore: Blausariam, Copper, Erionite
Enmatter: Magerian, Hurricane, Sweetstuff

Mine #17

Ore: Belkar, Blausariam, Iolite, Narcansium
Enmatter: Acid, Ferrum, Nexus, Typonolic

Mine #18

Ore: Belkar, Lysterium, Zinc
Enmatter: Antimagnetic, Binary, Ferrum, Hurricane, Mojito, Oil, Solis, Typonolic

Mine #19 (L60 Demon Hacker, L100 Demon Virus)

Ore: Belkar, Copper, Zinc
Enmatter: Nexus, Oil, Typonolic,lytherian

Mine #20 (L78 Code Demon)

Ore: Blausarium, Iron, Lysterium
Enmatter: Alicenies, Garcen, Oil
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Hell mining Charts Empty
PostSubject: nice    Hell mining Charts Icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2012 11:49 pm

i have not been there in a while but i will post my info when i go Smile great job sp Smile bounce
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Hell mining Charts
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