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 links to help you in entropia universe

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PostSubject: links to help you in entropia universe   links to help you in entropia universe Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 11:49 am

Entropia is unique online game with really deep metagame. As Rockstar said, feel free to ask us, we'll be happy to answer you and trying to provide usefull tips as much as possible. You can also gather your own informations on various websites on which u'll find ton of posts about all your favorite activities ( good spot for mining, hunting, changes ingame after updates, missions list, maps etc )

Here you can check wats new after VU(version update), and ton of posts on anything about our favorite game. Really usefull and sometimes funny to read too Smile



This is an huge website with maps, skill calculators, tools to compare items and find the one to match the best with your skills for mining, hunting and all. A big database to know which mob is dropping what, loot table of mobs, missions list on every planet with rewards for it and ton of other great things! A must have in your bookmarks to play EU in a smart way .


Another website from another soc i used to explore and find specific kind of ressources while mining .


The website of THE ULTIMATE TOOL for any miner who wants to keep tracks of his finds and not over mine areas : The little big mining tool !! +maps with % for ressources on each areas. More than usefull, you just cant mine without this Smile


And a funny website about Entropia's cripsy gossips to relax Smile


good list of missions

thats all from now, i hope you'll find this usefull and enjoy it !! Feel free to add any other website here to share with our cyber family study
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links to help you in entropia universe
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