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 Increase agility and evade

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Increase agility and evade Empty
PostSubject: Increase agility and evade   Increase agility and evade Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 3:05 am

If high-end guns and armor are not in your price range, then consider the following.

**TT items - Short blade, or Opallo
**Full Goblin OR Shogun, adjusted pixie, or pixie

***Go into an area with high density of merps, like the area west of atami's paradise, round them all up and kill them for fast skill gains or just kill them slow and one at a time for better skill gains. Depending on your gear setup, another good place to skill evade is SE or N of Jason Centre.
quote from Snabble...
"agility is gained in the hunting world by being attacked.
It can also be gained by using certain weapons, like rilfes etc,
Some weapons do not give agility though.
Everyone gains it by being attacked... so love being attacked, its your friend.
And according to skill charts it plays 160% role in Defense skills.. so it is huge
And it helps you run faster, so you can avoid those pesky noobs ;P
In general, killing mobs slower, means you potentially will get more agility/defense skills per mob, and that alone will cancel out any benefits , you may think, are gained, in economy, by killing them fast "

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Increase agility and evade
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