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 Mindforce, mindforce, mind force, entropia universe mindforce

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Mindforce, mindforce, mind force, entropia universe mindforce Empty
PostSubject: Mindforce, mindforce, mind force, entropia universe mindforce   Mindforce, mindforce, mind force, entropia universe mindforce Icon_minitimeSat Jul 13, 2013 12:09 am

There are many professions to choose from in EU. My main profession is mindforce. It is not the most eco profession, but it is fun and it looks cool lol. The attribute in skills that is associated with mindforce is Psyche. Sweat gathering is a mindforce skill that one may start with.

If you are interested in Mindforce beyond sweat gathering, the first thing you will need is a NeoPsion Mindforce Implant. A NeoPsion-10 may be purchased from the TT under medical. Higher level implants can be found on auction and sometimes looted. The implant number should be higher than your highest professional level. To insert the implant you will need an implant inserter, also under medical at the TT. Decay is only 1 PEC for inserting and it can then be resold to the TT to get your PED back. Once you have the implant, chips may be used in the same way as any other weapon or tool, just equip and use tool.

There are three different types of mind essence. Mind Essence is what is needed to use chips. Most attack chips and regeneration chips use Synthetic Mind Essence which can be bought from the TT under ammunition. Regular Mind Essence is made from Force Nexus and sweat. It is used for teleport chips and synchronization chips among others. Light Mind Essence is made from Force Nexus and Diluted Sweat. LME is used for strike chips. Strike chips are categorized as attack chips; they have an area of effect. They are not very effective for hunting but are better used for PvP.

There are many chips to choose from, both limited and unlimited. Some of the types of chips are attack, regeneration, and teleport. There are also chips that have effects such as inhibiting the regeneration of health.

The three types of mindforce attack are electrokinetic, pyrokinetic, and cryogenic. Each of these attacks include different chips that may be used to contribute to it's respective skill type. There are other chips available that require these skills that are not categorized as attack chips. The pyrokinetic profession has the most different types of attack chips available. When looking at attack chips, you will see that some are simply chips and others are nanochips. Unless you are familiar with chips this can be quite confusing. Chips and nanochips of the same type and level will always have the same professional level requirement and the same attack rates. Nanochips have a better decay rate and require a higher skill level to be maxed for damage rates.

As with any other items, some chips are rare and some are very common. If mindforce is something you are interested in, I would suggest looking at all of the available chips and take into consideration what you would like your abilities to be. Look at short-term and long-term costs and maybe even have a look at what chips you would like to be able to use in the future.

These are the basics of mindforce. Please let me know if I have missed anything and I hope this helps you  bounce 
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Mindforce, mindforce, mind force, entropia universe mindforce
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