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 eomon migration, entropia eomon, entropia eomon migration 07/04/2014

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PostSubject: eomon migration, entropia eomon, entropia eomon migration 07/04/2014   Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:59 am

Meet Calypso's Giants
The Eomon migration period is here. Take part in a spectacular piece of Calypso history and watch the majestic Eomon migrate over the plains of the Eudoria continent.

Known for its annual migration pattern and special loot, the Eomon migration has been a popular seasonal hunting event for many years on Calypso. In the wake of the mighty Eomon herd, predator creatures such as Atrox and Mul mutants also follow, making the migration of these majestic beasts a must-see for colonists of all professional standings.

Since the introduction of vehicles on Calypso, most colonists have the ability to get a glimpse of the migrating creatures from a distance, photo safari style, without putting their lives at too much risk. If you happen to catch a nice screenshot of the migration, be sure to share it with other colonists on Planet Calypso’s Facebook page.

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eomon migration, entropia eomon, entropia eomon migration 07/04/2014
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