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 playing entropia universe

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PostSubject: playing entropia universe   playing entropia universe Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2012 7:48 am

I made this post to talk about things to remember while playing this game. While profit is always on the minds of most players don't forget to help people out. Dropping a few items by some newbs or giving a new player some ped is what makes the universe go around so don't be a ped grubbing @sshole and help a brother or sister out.

On the other hand we must also remember Entropia is a place where people come to make investments and do business so its good to bring something to the table. Depositing is encouraged but spending wisely and buying only what you need at that time is the key. You must use what you get to its full potential as well. Depositing to buy a shop,stand, or to do some trading is good. Maybe buying some land areas or some deeds is not a bad idea if you have the ped. These are but a few ways to make profit in the game. I hope this helps and may the HOF be with you all.
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playing entropia universe
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